December 31, 2012

25 Day of Christmas Activities- Week 4

Day 1- We're getting close!  Here is a picture of the cupcakes we made for the staff at the YMCA where we go several days a week. We baked them in a mold, iced them, and used sprinkles to finish off the holly wreath look.  Addi was so excited to take it to her "teachers" in the nursery.

Day 2- White-chocolate covered oreo snowmen.  We had a Christmas party and thought this would make the perfect treat.  Addi was great at putting on the noses, but I had to fix a lot of the chocolate chip mouth pieces with a toothpick.  This was an excellent activity to work on her fine motor skills and attention to detail.

Day 3-  It's Christmas Eve!!!  Today we wrapped presents that we had picked out for friends and delivered them to friends.  Addi has been asking to wrap more presents ever since.  I told her we'll just have to wait until someone's birthday.  Then she got so excited because she knew that Jesus's birthday was tomorrow.  She went on and on about how we forgot to get him a present and we need to wrap it and take it to him.  Oh, how my heart melts at the sweet sentiments of a two year old.

Day 4- MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!  Today we made Jesus a birthday cake and decorated it.  We sang happy birthday, read the Christmas story, and then opened presents.  What a fun tradition.  I love it!!!


Sab said...

This is so sweet! I love the birthday cake! I've been wanting to do that with my kiddos too... perhaps this year is the year! Christmas is so fun! You have some fantastic crafts and learning activities! LOVE it!

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