October 2, 2012

Letter of the Week- Letter C

And we're off!  Letter C week is underway with cats, and cups, and cows, and cookies.  With cake, and coloring, and cards, and crayons, we've done it all or at least we tried.  Here are a few snapshots of some of our activities.  Check out the curriculum for more details and a much more exhaustive list of lessons.

Addi coloring a calico cat.
We didn't have a brown marker but Addi wanted
to make a chocolate cake for her Daddy's birthday.

Crosses and circles in play-doh (although I'm not sure where the circles are).

Sand paper and yarn letter practice.

I meant to do the colors to match up with The Very Hungry Caterpillar
which we had read that morning.  Oh well.

All about the NUMBER 3!

First time with scissors.  Learning to cut.

Pom pom caterpillar.

Cotton ball clouds.

Hanging clothes on the clothesline.

Matching game with circles.

A few of the books we picked up from the library.


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