October 26, 2012

Water Bottle Bowling

It's always nice when your child can help make the activity. We all know that however long it takes for a child to work with or play with an activity, it usually takes twice as long for us to make it or prepare for it.  That's one reason why this was so much fun.

I filled the empty 2 liter bottles about 1/3 of the way with water.  Then, I added glitter into a few of the bottles.  Next, I let Addi fill them with all different types of beads.   Warning:  Pay close attention or a bottle of pretty glitter-bead-water will be easily emptied all over your floor...trust me on this one.  

Once little Miss Priss finished her decorating, we set up our "pins" and rolled our ball until they all fell down.  At first she didn't understand why the game was to knock them down but soon she figured it out.  This is a clear difference between boys and girls as my 1 year old little boy never has trouble knocking anything down.


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