October 26, 2012

Colored Rice: Alternative to Glitter

Instead of buying tons of glitter all the time.  We use colored rice.  I bought a huge bag of long-grain white rice at Sams, Costco, or BJs (who knows).  I am guessing on my measurements because it's been a while but I think for 3 cups of rice I added approximately 1 Tbs of rubbing alcohol and 2 drops of food coloring.  I mixed it really well until every piece was coated and then I laid it outside on a piece of wax paper to dry.  Make sure to spread it out evenly and when it is dry store it in a contained.  We used individual ziplock bags.  Here is a picture from last February of us using it as glitter.  We made a banner to hang in our dining room that said, "God is Love."

Another great use for colored rice is just to put a few colors beside one another in a bowl.  Let your toddler feel and mix the colors.  What a great CHEAP sensory activity!


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