February 19, 2013

Letter of the Week - Letter Q

Alright, so letter Q is quite quirky.  After letter P week where there were 1,001 themes to choose from we were pretty limited for letter Q week.  We still had a lot of fun and it gave me a chance to take a day or two off so we could run errands, play, and plan for the next few weeks.  It was a really nice change of pace to be honest.  We have less than 10 weeks left in our letter of the week series.  My how time flies.

Here is Addilyn's capital Q quail.

I cut up some fabric and let Addi make a no-sew lowercase q quilt.  She thought this was so neat.

When she was finished we rested on her baby quilt I had made before she was born.  We traced the rectangles in the quilt and counted the different patterns.

We did several different queen themed activities.  First we painted a queen on a toilet paper roll with q-tips.  Addi liked painting with q-tips.  

We also dressed up like a queen and made crowns with friends to wear as we played pretend.

And, of course, here are our letter Q books for the week.


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