June 3, 2013

Letter of the Week- Letter X

Click on the link below to see out Letter X activities for the week.

Addi was great at drawing the letter X.  we had them on everything all week long.

X is for xylophone.

X is for X-ray.  We looked at some we had in our medical files form when I sprained my ankle and some copies of our dental X-rays.  

Next we made our own version of an X-ray with chalk and q-tips.

Next we went on a letter X hunt.  We found lots of things that looked like an x but didn't want to take picture of every single thing.  Addi made an X with her whole body and also with just her legs.  

After explaining the concept of X marks the spot, we went on a treasure hunt.  I wrote clues on paper and while the kids were playing in one room I hid the clues all over the rest of the house.  Of course I had to read the clues.  I tried to make them challenging so she had to really process through it but simple enough to get without me helping her.  They were things like:

Your next clue is hiding in a place where we keep food cold. (Fridge)
If you were to wash your hands you would find your next clue. (Bathroom Sink)
When you blanket gets dirty, mommy gives him a bath.  Where does you blanket take a bath? (Washing machine)

The last clue was a "treasure map."  Please don't judge me on my 3 minute drawing of our living room. We talked about how X marks the spot and tried to find which spot the X was showing us.

When Addi found out "treasure box" she was thrilled to find out the treasure was snack for her and her brother to share.  Ha ha ha.

I usually include pictures of the books we read, but for letter X and letter Y week there are no pictures.  Simply because I forgot to take a picture of them before we returned them to the library.  Whoops.  Oh well.


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