October 15, 2012

Letter of the Week- Letter D

Between being out of town, having company in town, the kids getting sick and then getting sick myself; we decided to spilt up the Letter D activities over two weeks and take our time.  It worked out really well.  In fact, I was surprised at how hard letter D was to learn for my little girl.  I mean, it makes sense, it looks and sounds similar to letter B. Especially the lowercase letters.  I don't have a degree in early childhood education so I'm sure there are a million on one tips out there to help kids learn this better, but I just did what I could.  Anyone who has tips or tricks, I would love to hear them.

D for Dinosaur and...
...d for dots!

We are still working on lacing holes next to one another.  Ha ha.

When we practice handwriting, Addi usually does the letters that are already written out.  I guess since she is only two learning to write them on her own will come in time.

Our first time playing Dominoes.

These are the items we found on our letter D scavenger hunt.  We have several dogs, a duck, a doughnut, a diaper, Dora, and a dump truck!

Play-doh and cookie cutter time!

Sometimes simple is better!  I came up with this dice game, but it was just too complicated for my little Princess.  Instead, she had a blast finding all of the same numbers on each of the die.  

Homemade doughnuts with Mommy!  So much fun!

We played Four Corners....well, a VERY modified version of Four Corners.  I set four chairs in the four corners of the room and place a removable number sticker on each one.  Instead of closing my eyes and guessing which chair Addi was sitting in I made up rhymes and she had to sit in the chair I told her too.  For example, I would sing, "Addi girl, Addi girl, I love you.  Will you please sit in chair number two."  At that point she would have to run to find the chair with the 2 on it and sit down until she got her next singing instructions. 
Feeding the ducks at a local park.

Making her own little duck.

And last but not least, Addi made a little dog from a bowl and construction paper.


Unknown said...

Love your blog! Just showed my mom and she said Addi looks just like you when you were her age!!

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