October 26, 2012

Children's Book Organizational System

Ahh books...we have a ton in our house for which I am VERY thankful.  However, many days it's also a curse.  Instead of them being neatly on the shelf they end up all over the floor in every room of the house.  I saw an idea on Pinterest for school teachers where you label your books with a number and have corresponding baskets for the books to go into.  Great idea!  I gathered every children's book we had in the house and began sorting.  Talk about a big project.  I ended up packing away over half of them.  I bought baskets at the Dollar Tree and made toddler friendly labels.  Put the books in the basket and showed Addi the new system.  I instructed her that we were only allowed to pull out one basket at a time and then  I taught her how to look for the label on the book and to match it with the label on the basket.  Excellent!

The only thing is...it only lasted for a day.  Yep, that night when we put Addilyn to bed she pulled every basket out and dumped all the books in one pile in the floor.  Most of the books didn't even have labels the next morning because she had peeled them off.  Did I learn my lesson?  Of course not.  Over the course of 3-4 days I resorted and relabeled all the books; however, I moved the book shelf into her closet which was protected (or so I thought) by the child-proof doorknob covers.  No, my little girl is too smart for her own good.  A few nights later she figured out how to pop the plastic door knob cover off and again dumped out all the books and peeled off their labels.  All this to say, it's a great idea if your kids are older and at least I have pictures so I can try to implement it again in a year or so.  Ha ha ha.


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