December 14, 2012

25 Days of Christmas Activities- Week 2

This week we played more games instead of making lots of crafts, but I'm thinking next week will be a very craft heavy week as we finalize some Christmas projects.  Here are the Christmas activities for week two!

Day 1-  Christmas Themed Tangrams- Addi was much better at this than I thought she was going to be!  We used paper and foam shapes that had been cut out.  This was actually one of the busy bags we had gotten and I hope I make more of the tangram games for other holidays throughout the year.

Day 2- For this Christmas felt board Addi had to put the current number of button ornaments on the tree according to the number on the star.  She did almost every number correct and was excited to put ALL the buttons on the tree before cleaning up.

Day 3- We made a snowman with paper plates, construction paper, cotton balls, and pom poms.  So much fun!

Day 4- In my family it was a Christmas tradition to decorate sugar cookies.  Now, here is a picture of the next generation participating in our family tradition.  I know it sounds so silly, but this melted my heart seeing them talk and work together on this.  I have such great memories of doing this with my grandmother and I'm so thankful to be able to pass this along to my little ones.

The final product after several were devoured. ;)
Day 5- We made a festive little wreath from Addilyn's sweet handprints and a few pom poms.

Day 6- Addilyn had so much fun with this activity.  We took pinecones and she decorated them with pom poms.  She could have done about 20 of these if I would have let her.  So funny!

Day 7- This game was also from our busy bag swap.  It's a "snowball" counting game.  Fun, fun, fun!


Kiril said...

Very intresting snowman craft!
More ideas for christmas craft -

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