February 2, 2013

Letter of the Week- Letter O

We just wrapped up letter O week.  Here is our curriculum and a few pictures of all the great activities we did this week.  Please click on the link to see a larger version of the chart.

Sandpaper and yarn letter Os.

Handwriting practice.

O is for ocean.

Letter O water color painting.

Yes, I know Hula Hoop starts with the letter H; however, Addilyn was super excited to play with the really big O!  I don't think I had remembered how fun hula hooping is.  What a great activity to develop gross motor skills!

We even did letter O ring toss made from paper plates and a paper towel holder.

Letter O stamping.

Play-doh Os.

As we learned about the color orange this week I got Addi to experiment mixing yellow and red.  She was so excited when it "turned colors."

We used bottle caps, a straw, and a toilet paper roll to decorate some butcher paper with lots of little Os.

Addilyn loves doing what we call "dots" or "letter searches."  

We used the individual size cake tins to trace circles (or letter Os).  I saw this activity (tracing shapes with cookie cutters, at a Montessori preschool we toured and I loved the idea!  It really does help develop fine motor skills and help with handwriting.

We had quite a few fun meals this week including letter O shaped items like pancakes, Cherrios, bagels, tortellini, and other o-week items like oranges and orange juice.

O is for opposites!  Here are a few books we read all about opposites.

This is a sensory tub I made to help Addi learn the difference between soft and hard (opposites).

This bracelet was a tricky one.  It felt soft on the outside but was actually hard.

O is for ostriches, octopuses, and owls too!

Here is her lowercase o ostrich.

Addi was working on her toilet paper roll and tissue octopus.

I think he turned out so cute!

Here is her capital O Owl.

And last but not least, my favorite activity of the week was her handprint owl.  SO CUTE!!!


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