March 23, 2013

Letter of the Week- Letter T

Turtles, Trains, andTigers, oh my.  Wait, that's not how it goes.  Whatever.  Letter T week was TERRIFIC!  Click on the link below for our curriculum and check out the pictures to see how much fun we had.  

Also, I keep forgetting to add in our activities for spiritual disciplines, but I get all my ideas from  They have actual lesson plans for sunday school and I just modify them to fit our needs in our home.  Some things are super simple such as hand gestures to do with your kids while reading the passage or free printable color pages.  Anyway, you should check it out.

Handwriting practice.

Counting our fingers and toes.  How about that, there are 20!

We played a review game for number 20 week.  I would call out a number and Addi had to find it on the paper and trace it.  She was being kind of particular that day and wanted to use a different color for each number.

Wiping down the table with a towel.  She was so excited because it just seemed like everything began with the t sound.

T is for Trains.

We took a trip to the park to ride the train.  Addi thought it was neat that even tracks and tickets started with the letter T.

Someone is just a little excited.  What do you think?

Capital T train tracks.

We made 20 train cars from construction paper.  I would call out a number and Addi had to add that many cars to the train.  We played this about 7-8 times before she was tired of crawling around on the cold floor in her skirt.  

T is for Turtle.  We obviously found the jackpot in books with the Franklin series.  Addi really liked those a lot.  Her Daddy read most of them to her on his day off.  In fact, I believe they read for an entire hour straight.

To make our turtle, first, Addi put some green dots on a coffee filter.
Then she sprayed it with water and watched how the green leaked across the entire surface.
Finally, she added some legs and a head to complete the turtle.
We made another turtle with a paper plate.  We folded it in half, filled it with newspaper (although it doesn't look quite full enough), stapled the open edges, and decorated it.  Later Josiah played with it like it was an actual toy.  I thought it was sweet.
Next, we played a counting game.  I laminated a picture of a turtle and then wrote a number on it.  Addilyn had to count out the correct number of "turtle eggs" (marbles) and place it in the dish beside the turtle.  I originally wanted to hide the marbles in a small bowl of sand to make it more of a sensory activity but we didn't have any sand and I was not going to make a run to the store for this one activity. Oh well, next time.

T is for Tiger.

We've had this puzzle for awhile but I thought it was a little too complicated for her so I had never pulled it out.  I was wrong. She put it together with no trouble at all.

Here is our lowercase letter t.  We wanted to give it tiger stripes so we used a piece of orange foam, put strips of painters tape over it and then painted it black.
After it dried we removed the tape and we have are terrific tiger-striped letter t.


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