March 13, 2013

DIY I Spy Book

First, let me state up front that I know I am not good at photography.  We have a really nice DSLR (or something or another).  My husband can tell you all about it because he enjoys playing around and taking really cool shots.  I, on the other hand, stick to the automatic setting.  It's not that I don't want to learn.  I'm just not willing to take the time to learn right now.  All that to say, please don't judge me based on my ridiculous photography skills.  And, know that I'm sure you can create a much betterI Spy book than what I have here.  ;)

All I did was throw some toys into a pile on some black felt then took a picture.  Next, I picked out several of the objects and set them up in a way they were easily identifiable and took a second picture.  After ordering the prints, I used a silver sharpie marker to write instructions on the appropriate photo.  I found an empty plastic photo book laying around the house and slid the pictures right in.  I think you can get photo books like this for a $1 or less.  Some of the other toys I used for the pictures were legos, fake kitchen food, and bead necklaces.  Be creative and make it your own!!!


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