September 17, 2012

Letter of the Week- Letter A

At the end of the first week I can honestly say, "We had a LOT of fun."  Addilyn really enjoyed her activities and I enjoyed seeing her thrive on learning.  Here is a copy of our curriculum and just a few pictures from the week.

I laminate all my worksheets so she can do them several times within the same week.
Using an apple stamp. 
Winnie the Pooh worksheet!
Addi loves "Do a Dot" markers!

Math lesson about the number 1.  "Color one brown, one green, and one yellow."
Science lesson on air.
Making capital letter A.
...and transforming him into an Alligator.
So why not make lowercase a into an apple?

So proud of her letters.
Handwriting practice.
Watercolors- way too much fun for a 2 year old!!!
There are the hidden letters.
 This morning we picked some flowers before talking about Isaiah 40. It made Add a little
sad to know that flowers, grass, and people were going to go away. Fortunately, she
got excited again when I reminded her the the Bible will last forever!
Letter matching.
Uppercase and lowercase jumping. (Jump from big A to the next
big A until you get to the end then try it again with the little a).

My husband thought I was crazy when I told him I needed an apple for Addi to paint stars with.

Bible Lesson for the week- this was a picture taken on Friday.
I add things as the week goes on, it doesn't start out like this.
What is written in blue is what Addi recites.
Sandpaper and yarn letter drawing.
No mess finger painting (one of our square shape activities).


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