November 5, 2012

Letter of the Week - Letter G

To view our curriculum for the week please click on the link below.

Here are a few of our general Letter G activities.

 Sandpaper and yarn letter creations.
 Do a Dot- Letter Find.
 Letter G stamps.
 Letter G coloring pages.
 She was making a G out of was just upside down.  Ha ha.
 Friends coloring capital letter Gs green!
 Friends making lowercase g grapes.
We learned about a globe and since we will be visiting family in Georgia soon we tried to find it on the globe.

We had a few friends over so we decided to all make griaffe puppets out of paper bags.  I thought they turned out so cute, but the bags I used didn't end up serving very well as actual puppets.

Letter matching.

We made a giraffe with an accordion neck and clothespin legs. In the end, it looked more like a horse. Oh well.

Addi really enjoys painting so we painted a paper plate and turned it into a giraffe.

Here are a few of our giraffe books for the week.  Addi really enjoyed the Carlo series of books.  We only had a few but I believe there are a ton.

I am so bummed that I did not have my camera out when we played all of our fun games.  We played everything including Follow the Leader, Simon Says, Leap Frog, Red Light-Green Light, Musical Chairs, I Spy, and more.  I learned that with a 2 year old you have to modify many of the rules to these games so they understand. This was such a fun day with our friends who came over to play.  Addi took a GREAT nap after all the excitement!

When planning our letter of the week activities for G Week, I thought we might have some fun exploring groceries.  Addilyn got a kitchen with tons of food and a shopping cart last year for Christmas and although she enjoys playing with it often, it usually only lasts for a short period.  However, something about making a grocery list, giving her play money, and actually setting up a grocery store for her made all the difference!  She could have done this ALL day!  The first time she "went shopping" she would run across the room to me (where I was folding laundry) and show me the item she found and explain to me exactly what it was, how much she thought it cost, and why we needed to get it.  It was adorable.  I loved seeing her excitement.

Here are two of the books we read.

She told me what we needed to put on the list and I wrote out the word and tried to draw pictures for her to color.

 For the first shopping trip I just set all the items on the windowsill and she carried around her basket picking out the things she wanted.  Of course, eventually, everything ended up in the basket.

Here is her play money.  She did a really good job counting. Each item was one dollar to make it easy on us all.  ;)

This was the 3rd or 4th time we played.  She insisted that we had to put the food in the right spot in the store.  If you look closely you can see that all the beverages are on the chair.  On the wire shelf are snacks; and, from left to right on the windowsill, are the fruits and vegetables, meats, and then breads.  She's so funny.  I love her to the moon and back!


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