January 9, 2013

Letter of the Week - Letter L

Oh, man did we have a great week!  Here is the curriculum I came up with and some pictures of our fun.  Click on the picture of the curriculum to see a larger version.

Letter L handwriting time.  Addi said the little l was easy.  Ha, I wonder why?

I have been giving Addilyn word search pages from an old book we were given and she uses her Do a Dot markers to color the letter for that week.  This week she was so excited because it had the capital L and the lowercase l (actually the capital letter I).  It's so funny what little things will make a 2 year old so happy.

L is for Lion.  These are a few of our Lion books and our capital L Lion we made.  I think the lions turned out so funny.  They look like they have mohawks and beards.  The felt doesn't look like a mane at all.  Oh, well.

 We wrote letters to grandmothers for letter L week.  Next week for Letter M week we will have to mail them. ;)

L is for Laundry!  I pulled out the clothes line busy bag and let Addi pretend to hang up the laundry.  Then I had her really help me sort the laundry.  She did a great job sorting and helping put items in the washing machine.  Oh, I can't wait for the day when she can help fold more than just rags!

 Here are some of the books we found on lady bugs and laundry.  I had not heard of the Ladybug Girl book series, but they are really cute.  Addi called them her, "very favorite books ever."  I think we read each one about 10 times and some of them are pretty long.  I think I can quote a few of them.  ;)

Here are our lowercase ls made of leaves and ladybugs.

We made paper plate lady bugs with wings that actually moved.  All the kids went around the house chasing one another with their flying lady bugs.  Funny kiddos!

Here was our strawberry cream cheese ladybug bagel we had for breakfast one morning.  Since that morning, Addi has wanted raisins with her bagel every morning that we've had bagels.  Who knew?

Okay, this little game turned out so much better than I could have imagined.  I had Addilyn roll the dice and then place each of the die on either side of the lady bug's head.  The she took the spots and placed the correct number on the lady bug wings.  She even started placing them on in the same shape as the black dots on the dice.  Since our number for the week was 12 this worked out great!!!

Another math game we played this week included matching the right number of lady bugs (pom poms) on to the correct daisy according to the number written on the middle.  Easy to make and great hands on counting activity for Miss Priss.

 We made a toilet paper lady bug, but Addi was disappointed that it's wings didn't move like the paper plate lady bug we had made earlier that week.

 Last but not least, we made lady bugs from soda bottle caps.  Then we went outside and I hid them all around the yard.  Addi had to find all of them and then we counted to see how many there were.  How about that, there were 12 (our special number for the week)!


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