April 4, 2013

Letter of the Week- Letter V

One week closer to the end of the alphabet.  Here's what we did.  Enjoy!

Introducing the letter V!

All sorts of books on vegetables, volcanoes, and anything else we could find that started with the letter v.

V is for volcano!  We used construction paper, crayons, and tissue paper to make a volcano that had lava coming out the top and flowing down the mountain!

I am so thankful for friends who are willing to share their really cool homeschooling stuff.  One of my neighbors, and a mom to three boys, let us borrow a "volcano" that her boys had made.  We added a little baking soda and vinegar to make our own eruption and the kids loved it more than I can even begin to describe.  Check out how excited they are by the expressions on their faces.

V is for Vegetables!!!  We used the top of some celery to paint flowers in our Capital V Vase!

We also went on a field trip to a "Seed Store" as Addi now calls it.  We researched which vegetable seeds would be the most likely to survive in our area and the proper way to plant it.  Now, I in no way, shape or form have a green thumb.  Quite the contrary in fact.  Just about any plant I've ever had, I kill it in record time so I don't know if this activity will actually produce the results I'm hoping for, but I thought we would at least give it a try!

Addi found her lettuce seeds packet.

And then we recruited a few friends to help us plant them.

Hopefully in a few short weeks we will see some vegetables starting to grow!


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