February 27, 2013

Letter of the Week- Letter R

Here we are again, at the end of another letter week.  Click on the link below for my full curriculum and check out the pictures for a glimpse into our week.

Handwriting practice.


Finding the letter R.

R is for Rainbows!  
I think Addi is to young to start teaching the ROY G BIV method of learning the colors, especially trying to teach the different between blue, indigo, and violet might be more confusing than it is actually helpful.  So, we just stuck to red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple as our rainbow colors for the week.  One thing I wanted to point out is that many of these activities are simple enough that they could be replicated for St.Patrick's Day.

We started by making a rainbow lowercase r by cutting the shape out of the center of black construction paper and gluing strips of colored construction paper onto the back.

We had a large group of people coming over to our house one night and I knew I had wanted to provide a dessert.  I was short on time so instead of trying to make something AND help Addi with lessons, I thought I would combine the two.  So, I got her to help me make dessert!  To fit our theme for the week I was trying to decide between rainbow colored rice crispy treats or a homemade fruit pizza.  We choose the fruit pizza, which was a little more work, but definitely worth it!  Cute isn't it.  For the full description and recipe click here.

Addi made a rainbow from construction paper squares and half a paper plate.

The other half of the paper plate she colored as a rainbow.

My kids rarely get super sugary cereals but this week they had the treat of eating fruit loops for the first time.  I found this printable at Mama Clucks and it was great to have Addi glue on the correct colors during her snack time.  She did eat one with a little glue on it and I am fairly confident she wasn't too pleased. 

This rainbow was so simple to make and I think I am going to add it to our busy bag collection.  I just took little pieces of foam and cut out the appropriate size arches and then had Addilyn stack them in the correct order to make a rainbow.

Finger painting with all the colors of the rainbow = way too much fun!

At one point Addilyn let me pant each of her fingers and then I had her swipe her had across the paper in an arch.  I think it turned out so pretty.  It's so simple but it's one of those paintings you want to keep forever.

It had been months and months since I had pulled out our rainbow rice, but I figured letter R week was the time to do it (and Daddy was home to help) which made it much more manageable.  To be honest, I'm okay with some messes, but tiny pieces of rice all over my floor just is not something I really care for.  All that to say, I was thankful my husband was home to help.

The finished product!

I had printed out two copies of that worksheet and we used the second one for Do-A-Dot markers.  I couldn't find our orange marker so we just used an orange marker.  I was trying to teach Addilyn what the word improvise means.  It was super cute.

Despite how common rainbows are.  It was very difficult to find rainbow themed books.  The Rainbow Fish series we didn't actually read, but we used them to look at and identify all the colors.

On the other hand, we found plenty of rabbit themed books which was perfect since letter R is also for Rabbits!  

We made a capital R Rabbit.  I got the idea from Animal Alphabet which like it''s name suggest they have lots of animal ideas for each letter of the alphabet.


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