December 19, 2012

Letter of the Week - Letter K

Letter K Week- It was kickin'!  Addilyn learned that K is for kites, kangaroos, and keys.  To start off, here is our curriculum for the week.

Working on handwriting and phonics.

Our capital K kangaroo.

Counting 11 keys...

...and then making a lowercase k from them.

I made a kite matching game with scrapbook paper and popsicle sticks.  I absolutely love Addilyn's face when she finds the correct match.

This is her tissue paper kite.  Check our the crazy ribbon we used for the tail.  Ha ha.

I cut a ton of diamonds out of four different colors of construction paper.  First I asked Addilyn to sort the "kites" by color and then by size.  She had so much fun.  So simple, yet so great.  Who knew?

Letter K stamps!

For this game Addilyn had to glue to tails to the kite of the same color.  

Addilyn making her Kangaroo cup.  Kept saying it was me because it was a mommy.  She wanted to make a baby kangaroo to go in my pouch.  Yeah, that didn't happen.  My creative juices were running low that day.

Our kite books...
...and our kangaroo books.


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