December 7, 2012

25 Days of Christmas Activities- Week 1

There are so many fun things to do with your kids during the Christmas season.  We've made our list and we're checking it twice as we set out to complete at least one Christmas activity each day!  This week we got started and here is what we've done so far.

Day 1-  Take a family picture so we can make Christmas cards and send them out.  We also made Christmas countdown links.  I found a poem to use online but modified it a little and this is what ours says:  
Christmas Day will soon be here
and I can hardly wait.
I’ve made this little Christmas chain
to help me celebrate.
Each day I will snip one loop from it
to help me to remember.
To rejoice of Jesus birthday on
the 25th of December!

Day 2- Decorate the house for Christmas.  We put up the Christmas tree, the stocking, the Advent calendar, and lights outside. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of icicle lights or colored lights, but Addilyn got go excited over the lights this year.  She kept saying, "Look at the pretty colors!  Look at the pretty colors!"

Day 3-  For snack time we made a sugar cone christmas tree.  YUM!

Day 4- We went to an ornament making party!  We tried to do handprints in the ornament but after several tries we realized it just wasn't going to work so we did thumb print snowmen instead.

Day 5- Here is a picture of a tree we made with construction paper, a hole punch, and tissue paper.  So pretty!

Day 6- Here's our popsicle stick Christmas tree ornament. 

Day 7- And to end our first week we have our pom pom wreath and pom pom candy cane ornaments.


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