January 16, 2013

Letter of the Week - Letter M

Letter M week was full of all sorts of fun!  Addi learned about everything from monkeys, to mountains, to magnets, and much much more!  Here is our curriculum for the week and a few pictures from some of the activities we did.

I forgot to take a picture of a bunch of the books we had borrowed from the library.  Here are the ones we had left when I finally remembered to pull out my camera.

Handwriting practice.

One day we made capital M Mountains.

Another day we made capital M Mosaics.

We made a lowercase m with marshmallows and ate a few for a snack too.

We played with magnets.  This was one of the 6-7 games we played with magnets.  Addi thinks they are just the neatest thing ever.

I love how in this picture you can see her sounding out the letter m.

We did lots of little monkey activities.  Her was a mask she made.

We also played some matching games.  For this particular one, I gave Addilyn a set of children's playing cards with the numbers 1 though 13 (pretty convenient since our number of the week is 13) and had her match the characters on the cards.

I also made another matching game from scrapbook paper and had Addi match the mittens together.

Addi painted a mouse.

And then we made a mouse.

Addi painted on a mirror with shaving cream which was also really fun.  Well, it was fun after I found her a paint brush.  She didn't like the feeling of the shaving cream on her fingers today.

We did a little marble painting. Thank you Pinterest for the idea on this one!

And least, but not least, we took out letters from letter l week and we learned about the mail.  Addi matched the letters with their correct envelope.  We addressed the letters, put a stamp on them, and then took them to the post office.  I wanted to see if we could get a tour of the mail center so the kids could see the process, but you have to contact the local postmaster several weeks in advance to do that.  Maybe next year!


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