February 18, 2013

Letter of the Week - Letter P

Here is our curriculum for Letter P week.  I learned that lots of things that are fun and interesting to a preschooler start with the letter P!  Next time I will ave to make sure to stick to one or two themes and not try to create activities for the many, many, many letter P words.  

I have forgotten several times now to fill the appropriate spaces for the books we've gotten from the library and for the specifics of the spiritual discipline lessons.  Oh well.  I hope you can still enjoy some of these activities with your kiddos.  

P is for pandas and pianos!

P is for peacocks, police, pizza, princesses, and pool parties!

Addi colored her police hat and badge, painted pictures of policemen, and then we created a police car from a cardboard box and a solo cup.  She drove her car around and made sure to add the loud siren noise so everyone knew she was coming.  We also visited the police station where Addi was given sticker badges!  So fun!

 Felt pizza to play with and a real one to eat that night!!!

P is for pigs and pennies!

P is for puzzles, puppies, and penguins!

And, finally, P is for pancakes!  We had pancakes for breakfast and then played a new pancake game.  This was Addi's new site word game that I will describe in more detail in a new post about site word activities.  


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