February 20, 2013

Sandpaper Alphabet Set

As I've been teaching Addilyn her letters, I think it is more important for her to learn the sounds each letter makes rather than the name of each letter.  When we visited a montessori school I saw their sand paper alphabet set.  They had wooden blocks with each letter of the alphabet on it.  As the student traced the correct way to draw the letter he or she would also practice saying the sound the letter made.  I thought this was wonderful.  I looked for the tactile letters set online and they ranged from $15-$42.  We didn't have the money to go buy these sandpaper wooden blocks so I decided to make them for my self.  With a little red card stock I had laying around and a pack of sandpaper I bought at the Dollar Store, we now have our own set to practice with and it cost me a total of $1.08!


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