February 20, 2013

Site Word Parking Lot

As I was checking out Pinterest one day I ran across a site word parking lot by New Rant Mommy.  Although I liked her idea, I knew it would be too easy for Addi if I only gave her 8-10 words per page. I figured she would get board with it fairly quickly.  I looked a little further and found a larger parking lot by Juggling with Kids but it still wasn't exactly what I was wanting.  So, one afternoon the whole family had coloring time.  Addi and Siah colored from coloring books and mommy and daddy made Addi's new site word parking lot.

A few days later instead of me calling out her site words I put in the Preschool Prep DVDs we use and let them call out the site words.  I made sure she had a huge stack of her brothers cars and for 20 minutes she played the game all by herself, only asking for help one time!


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