February 25, 2013

Celebrating 100 posts with my very first giveaway!

Well friends, this is my 100th post!  There are so many things I hope to continue sharing and there are 100s of ways I hope to improve.  For now, I would love to celebrate by having my very first giveaway!

In honor of it being my 100th post I will be giving away 10 Busy Bag Sets with 10 games in each set!  That's right, 10 new games for your little one and you don't have to make a single one!  The only restriction is that you must have a U.S. mailing address.

There are multiple ways you can enter my giveaway and each one of these ways will give you one entry into the drawing.  Your name can be entered into the drawing up to 10 times!


  1. Follow Me.  Become a follower of my blog by submitting your email in the "Follow Me" box located in the column to the right.
  2. Subscribe.  Subscribe to my blog by submitting your information in the "Subscribe to" box located in the column to the right.
  3. Leave a Comment.  Like this blog post and leave a comment below telling me one thing you would like to see added or improved upon OR tell me which post has been your favorite thus far.
  4. Link to Facebook.  Share the link to my blog on your Facebook page and let your friends know about this giveaway.
  5. Pin It.  Pick your favorite things you've seen on my blog and pin it to one of your Pinterest boards.  You can get one entry for every pin (up to 6).
Once you have done any or all of these things email me at amandakelly17@gmail.com to let me know what you've done.  Remember, you can get up to TEN entries!  The drawing will take place next Monday, March 4th Thursday, March 7th and I will announce the winner on  Tuesday Friday.  Get excited!   I can't wait to see who wins!    Also, even if you are not interested in the giveaway I would love to hear your comments and still welcome you to subscribe!  Thanks everyone!


bjocarlson said...

Looks like you have a fun little space here. Glad I 'found' you. I too have 2 little ones who would love a chance at some new toys :)
Bobby Jo
www.wheretheblacktopends.weebly.com - that's me!

Moseley Life said...

Thanks for the giveaway! I really enjoyed your post on reusing workbook pages by laminating them or using pocket protectors. Such a great, cost-effective idea!

Stacy said...

New email follower! Gingeroo616 at aol dotcom

Stacy said...

I love your letter of the week activity posts!
Gingeroo616 at aol dotcom

Stacy said...

Shared a link on my fb page.

Valerie McClendon said...

I really enjoyed your post on being book smart! I look forward to using some of your ideas!

JShelby said...

saw your contest on the suchfuntogive blog - so nice to have found you! Follow. Subscribe. Etc. Will send you the email. Feel free to stop by my blog and enter my contest too! naturemummy.blogspot.ca

Some girl from Raleigh. said...

Yay I love a giveaway! I love this as a resource.

Samantha said...

Fun! I love all your posts and ideas for each letter!

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