November 28, 2012

Letter of the Week- Letter H

Click on the link below to see my curriculum for Letter H week.  We focused on several different theme this week including horses, homes, hands, harvest, and hearts.

Lots of things we found around the house that begin with the letter H! 

Group rotating activities with friends including heart color matching, a felt house board, heart cookie cutters and play-doh, and counting kernels on the harvested corn.  

Handwriting practice and number 8 worksheets.

Hand, Hand, Finger, Thumb was one of Addilyn's favorite books for about 6 months right after she started talking.  She would say some of the parts over and over again.  It was darlin' and reading it with her again brought back some great memories.

This was a really cute book.  After we read through it we had some friends come over and I taught them all the Hokey Pokey dance. Addi LOVED it and wants to sing it all the time now.

We started the week making our capital H house.
We did a little painting,
played with the felt board, 
and, of course, read a few good books.

This week I also included one of my kids favorite Baby Einstein videos.  I love this one because it goes through each room of the house and teaches the words (perfect for my little boy who is just now starting to speak) and it also teaches the sign for each word (great for my little girl who uses her words enough..ha ha).  We played a game with the video too.  As they taught about certain parts of a room I had Addi run and tag it.  For example, the table in the dining room, the refrigerator in the kitchen, or the bed in her bedroom.  We had a lot of fun!

Addilyn's lowercase h horse.
Lots of playdoh horses, hippos, and hands.

Handprint horses in the fence.  This is a keeper for sure!
Addi was chasing her brother (who apparently is taking a break from riding his horse).
We went to Chi-fil-a family night and they had face painting.  Unprovoked, Addi told the clown she wanted to be a horse.  The clown took it upon herself to make Addi a unicorn instead, but at least Addi was still happy as could be.

A few library books all about horses.

With it being fall we also talked a lot about Harvest.  For pictures and explanations of all the harvest activities we did this week click here.


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