November 28, 2012

Learning about Harvest

I'm so thankful for resources which help me teach my kids especially about things that are hard to describe with just words.  Here is a sequencing activity from planting seeds to selling fruits and vegetable sin the grocery.

I also used "How a Pumpkin Grows" sequence cards from this website.

I thought this week would be a good time to teach Addi how to shuck corn.  She is so funny about touching certain textures and was actually not much of a fan of the sticky strings.

Once we got it all clean she had a blast painting with the corn.  We eventually make indian corn cut outs as Thanksgiving decorations, but I don't think I ever got a picture of it.  Oh well.

During snack time we played a counting game with popcorn.  This might have been her favorite activity all day.

We painted paper plates, stuffed them with plastic bags, added a piece of construction paper and made a pumpkin.

Addilyn has gotten really good at sorting small, medium, and large.  Maybe soon we can add a few intermediate sizes to the mix.

I found these pumpkin dollies (50 in a pack) at the Dollar Store.  I laminated a few and used a crayon to write numbers on them.  Then I let Addi put the correct number of pumpkin seeds on each dollie.
This is the first time I've tried cookie cutter tracing.  It worked really well as long as I held the cookie cutter.  Addi was so proud of herself because of how well the pumpkin shapes turned out.
I tried a"threading" activity with fall leaves (paint samples) onto a small ring.  Each of the kiddos who tried it really had fun making patterns with the colors and it was a great hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills activity!
This video has a great segment teaching all about Harvest, perfect for this week!
We made a paper bag scarecrow.  Addi had seen one at a harvest festival we went to a few weeks back and has been obsessed with "tear-toes" ever since.
Very interesting harvest books from the library. ;)


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