October 27, 2012

Fall, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Themed Busy Bag Swap

We recently had a Fall/Thanksgiving/Christmas Busy Bag Swap.  However, this time instead of having a swapping party, everyone dropped off their bags at my house through out the week and I was able to deliver all of them one Sunday at church.  It actually worked really well and I think is a great alternative during busier seasons.

First, we have a fall leaf matching memory game.  I love these memory games because if your child is pretty young they can match the cards with the pictures face up and then grow into using the game as a memory game.

Next, we have fall themed lacing cards.

Then, we have these really neat cards that show the child what eight different kinds of trees look like.  If you flip over the card there is an outline of one of the leaves from that particular tree.  The child can then match the leaves with their outline.  So fun!

Next, we have a felt Thanksgiving turkey board.  The child can make many other scenes from the felt shapes provided, but I gave Addilyn a picture of the Turkey scene and asked if she could make it on her own.

Another Thanksgiving felt activity focuses on Pilgrims.  I think this is so neat because you dress the person in the boy pilgrim or girl pilgrim clothes.  I thought about make some felt Indian clothes to to add to the bag.  We will see if that actually happens before Thanksgiving.

Next, we have two size sorting activities; one for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas.  The Thanksgiving set includes a small, medium, and large set of 2 different types of leaves, pumpkins, and Pilgrim hats.  The Christmas set includes a small, medium, and large set of ice skates, snowflakes, scarves, Christmas trees, and sleds.  I haven’t let Addi play with this one yet since it’s only October, but all she will have to do is put the appropriate size object in the correct foam window.

Then, we have some fun snowball counting made from cotton balls and paper cups.   I like games like this where is a piece goes missing you can easily replace it.

We also have a few Christmas themed lacing cards.

Now, this one is a fun one.  With lots of foam shapes we can make all sorts of Christmas symbols.  There are several pattern cards for younger kiddos.

And, last, but not least, we have a felt Christmas Tree button game.  The stars have the numbers 1-20 on them.  You place a star on top of the tree and your child can place that number of buttons on the tree as if they are ornaments.  I just thought this was the cutest idea.


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