August 10, 2012

"You're starting preschool with a TWO year old?"

My sweet little girl is 28 months old and truth be told, she is smart as a whip.  You can't get anything by this one and, for good or bad, she doesn't forget a thing.  We started noticing this about her when she started saying words at six months.  She put words together at ten months, and started talking in broken sentences by her first birthday.  She could point out most animals and make their sounds a few weeks after that.   She knew most of her colors, shapes, letters, and numbers (under 20) before her 2nd birthday.  I say all of this, not to boast in her (or myself), but because I want to thank the Lord my God for the grace he has shown to us in developing her intellect.  In addition, I want to take a minute to explain why I am starting "preschool" with my two year old.  I've mentioned to some people and they look at me like I'm crazy. "Why are you pushing her so hard? She's too young.  She can't possibly do what you're asking of her."  These are just a few of the things that have been said to me.  Fortunatley, I know my daughter very well and I love her more than I could ever begin to describe, so I feel like I know what's best for her.  She loves learning new things and she behaves better in a structured environment.  My husband and I decided that we were not going to pay for a curriculum but that I would find one online that I liked.  I looked and I looked but there wasn't anything that I just fell in love with, so I've created my own with the help of mommy friends with older kids, several great books and about 30+ blogs.  Very few of the ideas in my curriculum did I make up on my own.  I welcome any ideas you have so if you see something you think I would like, let me know.  Hope you enjoy seeing what we do in our home.


Joe and Jenni Butler said...

I think this is awesome! Have you seen 1plus1plus1equals1? (I think that's it). Her blog is about homeschooling and raising her young children. She actually has one school aged, but another one of her children is young- they (and others in the blogosphere I gather...) call it Tot-School. I love it. I have been looking for motivation to get organized and get this started in our home. I'm looking forward to using your hard work (thanks!!!) along with others I've seen to put something together that my girls can do together. I think we will start after Christmas. Again- thanks for sharing. And... I don't think you're crazy!

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