January 1, 2014

Choo-choo Josiah's Two Train Party

Josiah, my little buddy-bear, turned 2 and since he is in love with trains we thought it was only appropriate to have his party at our local park that has a train everyone can ride.  We bought tickets for all the kids and parents coming to the party; however, we were not counting on the sudden summer thunderstorm to pop in and "rain on our parade."  The kids played on the playground while we grilled hot dogs, and when the rain started we all ran under a pavilion to open a few presents.  This was not the party I had planned, but I feel we all still had a good time.

Cake table.
Condiments and sides train.
Birthday Crossing.
The birthday boy in his "Choo Choo - I'm 2" t-shirt.

Since we got all rained out, we decided to go back another day and take a ride together as a family.


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