January 7, 2014

The Plagues

I’ve never had so much fun teaching about plagues before.  As we read through scripture we stopped and made a crafty illustration of each plague.  Check out the description below if you would like to replicate.  Here is what our final page looked like.  Afterwards Addi was easily able to walk through and tell me the story of  Moses, Pharaoh, and how God used the plagues to free the Israelites from Egyptian slavery.

1. Used crayons to color blue water and fish.  After reading about how the river was turned to blood we painted the river red.
2.  We used a green coke lid, googly eyes, and a color pencil to make a frog.
3.  I placed some poppy seeds on the paper and we sealed them in with contact paper.
4.  We used construction paper to make the fly and contact paper to make clear wings which we hot glued to the construction paper.
5. We glued a cotton ball and white pom pom to look like a sheep.
6.  I drew a hand on the paper and then I gave Addi some bubble wrapping paper with a tiny amount of red paint on it to make boils.
7.  Addi colored a cloud with rain and then we attached dried white beans to make hail.
8.  We used stickers of insects to illustrate the locusts (however, I'm noticing now that she must have peeled off all her other insect stickers because there had been a whole lot of them- ha ha).
9.  We colored a sun first and then we colored black over it to represent the darkness.
10.  I planned to have a whole separate lesson on Passover so for now we just illustrated this plague with a picture of a little boy.


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